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Welcome to Denmarks most beautiful Footballcourse

We offer you 18 holes, located in the beautiful nature of Hejls. On the pitch there are bunkers, obstacles and waterholes that help create the perfect conditions for fun and social competition.
The golf ball has been replaced with a football and of course, the holes have been made bigger. The ball must then be kicked through, below or above the obstacles encountered. The player with the lowest kick wins. We have made 18 exciting holes and if you go 4 people together, then the course takes approx. 1.5 hours to go through.
Football golf is ideal for polterabends, school events, birthdays, family tours, corporate events, holiday activities or for fun and fun with friends and family.
We are located in Hejls just 9 minutes from Christiansfeld, 15 minutes from Kolding, 15 minutes from Haderslev, 25 minutes from Vojens and 28 minutes from Vejen.
The concept is Pay & Play – so remember to bring exact cash, since we do not take credit cards.
Prices: Adults 14€ - Children 7€.
Also try our course located in Kolding - Click here to go to Bramdrupdam FootballGolf.
See you on the course in beautiful Hejls and Kolding.........
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